Welcome to jsonpad

jsonpad is a simple JSON storage platform. You can store your JSON data, organise it into lists, and manage the data via a RESTful API.

If you are building an application that needs to store data, jsonpad alleviates the need to build your own database or API.

Get started with jsonpad by using the quickstart tutorial below, or check the full documentation for detailed information.


100 requests every 60 seconds
100 MB data
1 KB per item
100 lists
1k items per list
Choose the Standard account plan


300 requests every 60 seconds
10 GB data
16 MB per item
1k lists
10k items per list
4 / month
Choose the Developer account plan


600 requests every 60 seconds
Unlimited data
16 MB per item
Unlimited lists
Unlimited items per list
9 / month
Choose the Business account plan

A PHP library is available to help you get started using the API. The latest version can be downloaded at Github:

Get jsonpad-php.

There's also a Javascript library for the Realtime API which can also be downloaded at Github:

Get jsonpad-realtime-js.