JSONP callbacks

It is possible to wrap responses in a JSONP function by specifying the callback parameter. This can be used to embed data in a web page on a different domain, bypassing the browser's same-origin policy.

The API's response will include a headers property which will contain the response headers and the status code.

The headers property will not be added if the request uses one of the data/ endpoints. Additionally, requests will not require that the Accept header be set to application/json.

Example request
$ curl https://jsonpad.io/api/v1.0/lists?callback=myCallback \
	-u username:token \
	-H "Accept: application/json"

Example response
	"headers": {
		"X-Rate-Limit-Limit": 100,
		"X-Rate-Limit-Remaining": 99,
		"X-Rate-Limit-Reset": 59,
		"Link": "<https://jsonpad.io/api/v1.0/lists?sort=name&descending=1&page=2>; rel=\"next\", <https://jsonpad.io/api/v1.0/lists?sort=name&descending=1&page=10>; rel=\"last\""
		"X-Total": 100,
		"X-Pages": 10,
		"status": 200
	// Response data...