When fetching lists of resources, the resulting lists can be sorted by setting the sort parameter. The sort order can be changed between ascending and descending by setting the descending parameter to either 1 (descending) or 0 (ascending). If these parameters are omitted, the list will be sorted according to the default sorting/ordering mode for the requested resource.

Example request
$ curl \
	-u username:token \
	-H "Accept: application/json"

List sorting modes

name Sort lists by name.
item_count Sort lists by the number of items contained in the list.
data_size Sort lists by the total data size for all items contained in the list.
created Sort lists by their created time.
updated Sort lists by their last updated time.

Item sorting modes

index Sort items by their auto-incremental index. In most cases, this will represent the order in which items were added to the list.
created Sort items by their created time.
updated Sort items by their last updated time.
Index name Items can be sorted on any index defined in the list that contains the items. See Indexes for further information.

Event sorting modes

time Events are always sorted by time.

Default sorting modes

Lists name
descending: false
Items index
descending: false
Events time
descending: true